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Currently at SAGC there are 2 sanctioning bodies whose rules we follow as we conduct these matches.

ABRA – Auto Bench Rest Association & ARA – American Rimfire Association

Both associations have Unlimited as well as Factory class rifles allowed, although each differs in their rules. Semi-automatic as well as bolt rifles can be used in both.  The targets are placed at 50 yards and 1 shot per bull is used for score with as many sighter shots allowed as wanted per target. Judging the wind and selecting the best ammo for the rifle are the largest factors for best results in these matches. More info can be seen by clicking on the provided link for either association.  


At San Angelo Gun Club, our matches usually consist of 5 Pistol Stages with 1 stage always being a USPSA Classifier.

The Pistol Stages are the 4th Sunday of each month. These stages will require 150 to 200 rounds of ammo and it is mandatory that each competitor have a holster and magazines on a belt.

The match begins at 11:30am.

Cost is $15 for Pistol. Questions or more info contact Ernest Garza at (325) 374-7376

For Official Information & to Join USPSA Click Here


Multi-Gun matches are normally the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month, at 6pm. Be sure and look at the link below where you register. Bay 6 this time, but can be Bay 6 and/or 7.

FREE for any shooter’s first event. Normal cost is $10 for one gun, $5 for any additional guns. Money goes to maintain and purchase targets.

The link to register on the calendar page is open a couple days before each event, so if it doesn’t work, check back again. You can also register at the event!

Create a free account on Practiscore to register and see more detail about this event!

A unique style match, combining steel and paper. Match held the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month (weather permitting).

-3 to 4 Stages using a combination of static and falling steel with some movement involved and minimum reset.

-Round Count: 150** per gun you plan on shooting. You may not use that much, but better to have it.

-Rimfire shooters will need two 10 round magazines minimum. All stages for rimfire will be 20 or less and will not require a holster or mag pouches.

-If you’re not sure of your division, just sign up for any division and once you get to the range, the person doing registration can help you and change it, if needed.

-$10 for the first gun, $5 per additional gun

*Simplified divisions into simpler catch-all options – Added ‘2×4’ division – ‘2×4’ : borrowed from UML ruleset; You can have rifle, PCC, pistol, and/or shotgun. For any stage, you must use at least two of them. There aren’t equipment requirements, so it is more or less an “open” class.

**Currently still limiting total round count to ~60 rounds due to ongoing ammo supply shortages.