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Multi-Gun Match – Bay 6 reserved from 3pm

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Multi-Gun Match  Multi-Gun Matches are normally the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of each month at 6pm. Be sure and look at the link below where you register. Watch this space for start time as the date nears! Multi-Gun Match is normally held in bay 6 under the stadium lighting, if you’d like to help set up arrive at 4-4:30pm. Effective November 2022 due to upgraded gate operations, the SAGC Entrance gate will no longer be scheduled to remain open unattended for MGM, USPSA, and other events. Each match will have a new PIN# set up for all non-members to enter the premises and those who have registered online through for the match should receive PIN# notification via email. SAGC members can obviously continue to enter using their key card. Those without membership who do not register online and/or are Walk-Ins signing up the day of should contact Ernest Garza @ (325) 374-7376 Now that we’ve included some paper targets in each stage for more flexibility with rifle use, it’s obviously no longer a ‘steel only’ match, hence the name change since these are shifting more into what amounts to being multigun-lite, not that you need to run 2 guns to participate, 1 gun shooters are still the majority. FREE for any shooter’s first event. Normal cost is $10 for one gun, $5 for any additional guns. Money goes to maintain and purchase targets. The link to register is open a couple days before each event, so if it doesn’t work, check back again. You can also register at the event! Click Here-> Register Create a free account on Practiscore to register and see more detail about this event! Once logged in, please find the appropriate match to sign up for. See you at the range!