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Bylaws for SAN ANGELO GUN CLUB, Inc.

A Texas Nonprofit Corporation located in San Angelo, Texas
These Bylaws, dated July 26, 2022 supersede previous and all other Bylaws.


These bylaws constitute the code of rules adopted by the San Angelo Gun Club, Inc. (hereafter also referred to as SAGC) for the regulation and management of its affairs.  They are further detailed and supported by SAGC documented policies and procedures.  SAGC is a 501c-7 non-profit corporation. 


The purpose of SAGC is to encourage firearms competition, sport shooting, education, and training.  Pursuit of this purpose will result in increased knowledge of safe handling and proper care of firearms, improved marksmanship, and good sportsmanship.  Through related activities, SAGC seeks to lessen the burdens of government and combat juvenile delinquency.   


Any person qualified to legally possess a firearm in the state of Texas may apply for membership. A person will be deemed a member of SAGC by having paid current membership dues/fees for a designated membership classification, completed the required annual orientation including signing the Membership Agreement / Release from Liability, remained in good standing with SAGC, and affirmed the following:

“I can legally possess firearms in Texas. I am not a member of any organization or group which has as any part of its program the attempt to overthrow the United States or any of its political subdivisions by force or violence. I will comply with the requirements in the current SAGC Range Orientation and other club documented policies and procedures. I will faithfully endeavor to fulfill the obligation of good sportsmanship and good citizenship.”

SAGC Memberships extend to immediate household family members including spouse and children under the age of 21 years. Each membership (not each family member) is entitled to one vote. The family’s access to the club through the membership ends when the listed member is suspended, expelled, or deceased.

Membership Categories

  • Regular

Voting membership based on payment of dues of amount and
schedule determined in regular club business activities.

  • life

Voting membership based on a one-time payment of Life Membership dues and annual payment of administrative fees (to cover costs such as insurance and keys) determined in regular club business activities. Three consecutive years of not paying the administrative fees will result in permanent termination of the Life Membership.

  • Military

Voting membership for active-duty military personnel based on payment of dues and continuation of active-duty status. If active duty ends, the member must change membership category the following membership year.

  • Military Student

Non-renewable voting membership for active-duty military student personnel based on payment of dues; not to exceed 6-months.

  • Law Enforcement

Voting membership for a Federal, State, County, or City official currently required to carry a firearm as part of his/her job responsibilities. This membership category is based on payment of dues and continuation of active-duty status. If active duty ends, the member must change membership category the following membership year.

SAGC reserves sole discretion to accept or reject any application for membership and to terminate any membership without refund. Members not current in their dues at the start of a new membership year will be dropped from membership.

  • Instructor for Profit

Voting membership based on payment of dues and in accordance with SAGC Instructor Orientation, Requirements, and other Club documented policies and procedures.

SAGC reserves sole discretion to accept or reject any application for membership and to terminate any membership without refund. Members not current in their dues at the start of a new membership year will be dropped from membership.

No member may transfer a membership or any right arising therefrom. All rights of membership cease upon the member’s death, suspension, or expulsion from SAGC.

Suspension or Expulsion from SAGC

No suspended member will be eligible to vote or enjoy any of the privileges or benefits offered by SAGC.

If a designated Range Officer or elected Club Officer observes a violation of SAGC rules, the member may have their access suspended. Depending on the violation, the Officer will instruct the member to attend another orientation class or attend a club business meeting to explain why club suspension or expulsion procedures should not be initiated.

Charges against any Officer or member may be submitted by any member in good standing. They will be in writing, signed, clearly stating the facts relied upon, and accompanied by all supporting documentation. Such charges will be filed with a member of the Executive Committee, who will notify the remaining Executive Committee members and the complaint will be heard at the next regularly scheduled business meeting. The Secretary will notify the accuser and the accused of when the matter will be covered. Such notice will include the charges and the supporting documentation. The charged Officer or member will be given reasonable notice and an opportunity to be heard either orally or in writing.

For charges of conduct seriously prejudicial to the interests and purposes of the club requiring immediate response, the Officer or member will be heard by a meeting of the Executive Committee. If a majority of the Executive Committee determines the Officer or member has performed as charged, his/her membership will be suspended until charges are heard in a regular club meeting.

If a majority of the attending members from the designated regular meeting determines the Officer or member has performed as charged, his/her membership will be terminated.

For charges of illegal conduct, the charges will be heard as soon as possible by a meeting of the Executive Committee. If a majority of the Executive Committee determines the charge may be true, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be notified and the Officer or member’s membership will be suspended until the legal issues are resolved.

Notice by Mail or E-Mail

Any notice required or permitted by the bylaws to be given to any member or Officer may be given by mail or e-mail. If mailed, a notice will be deemed to be delivered when deposited in the United States mail addressed to the person at his or her address as it appears in SAGC records, with postage prepaid.

If delivered by e-mail, notice is considered to be given when the message is delivered to an e-mail address provided to SAGC by the member.



The Officers of SAGC will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Executive Officer, Range Officer, Assistant Range Officer, and Public Relations Officer. An Officer called “Special Assistant” may be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Committee to fulfill a specific function for a period of one year. This Special Assistant has no vote within the Executive Committee. For functional purposes of the Corporation, the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Officer positions are the Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

The SAGC Officers will have general supervision and control of SAGC activities. Officers will be authorized to make normal and routine expenditures relative to their areas of responsibility. Officer maximum spending limits are described in a formally documented SAGC policy. They will contract no large financial expenditure without authorization in regular or special meetings. Any changes related to financial institutions involving the main operating account as well as changes involving CD’s, Money Market, or other special accounts with the exception of minor accounts (such as USPSA, Rimfire Shooters, etc.) must be approved by a simple majority vote of the membership at a regular or special called meeting.

All Officers will serve staggered two-year terms such that one-half (1/2) of the Officers will be up for election each year. The election of Officers will be by majority vote of all attending Members qualified to vote.

The Vice President, Secretary, Membership Officer, Executive Officer, and Assistant Range Officer will be elected for a two-year term on uneven numbered years with the President, Treasurer, Range Officer, and Public Relations Officer being elected on even numbered years.

Nominations for any Officers’ positions when their term is eligible for re-election must be made in the July meeting before the Officer’s position will be elected in August. The nominations will be recorded in the meeting minutes. If the July meeting is not held, the nominations will be made in August and the elections held in September. This pattern will be repeated if necessary, making sure that members have at least one month of notice of nominations before the election. Officers will remain in office until their successors have been selected.

Any Officer may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the Secretary or President. Such resignation will take effect upon receipt or, if later, at the time specified in the notice.

A vacancy in any Officer’s position may be temporarily filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Committee. Nominations to fill the position for the remainder of the individual’s term will be taken at the next regular business meeting and an election held at the following month’s meeting in the same pattern as regular elections except for the designated months.



PRESIDENT – The President will preside at all regular, special, and Executive Committee meetings. He/she will be a member ex-officio of all other SAGC committees and will perform all such other duties that usually pertain to his/her office.

VICE-PRESIDENT – The Vice President will perform the duties of the President in his/her absence or at his/her request.

SECRETARY – The Secretary will keep a record of all regular, special, and Executive Committee meetings where a quorum was present. He/she will have custody of SAGC documents including club documented policies and procedures except the Treasurer’s records.

TREASURER – The Treasurer will be in charge of all funds obtained from all sources. Said funds will be placed in a financial institution as approved by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer will have authorization to immediately pay the normal and routine expenses of the organization. Those checks that are greater than an amount described in a formally documented SAGC policy or procedure will require a second signature by an individual on the bank signature authorization card. All major expenditures are to be authorized by majority vote of members present at regular or special meetings. The Treasurer will keep an account of his/her transactions and render a summary report at any meeting when requested, and at a minimum as an annual report. The Treasurer will also be responsible for the collection of all fees and membership dues.

MEMBERSHIP OFFICER – The Membership Officer will be responsible for membership applications, Orientations, maintaining the membership list, coordinating with the Treasurer and other officers in the performance of these duties.

EXECUTIVE OFFICER – The Executive Officer, and/or his/her delegate(s), will have charge of maintaining the ranges of SAGC.

RANGE OFFICER – The Range Officer, or his/her delegate(s), will have responsibility to observe range safety behaviors and enforce the range safety rules found in SAGC documented policies and procedures. He/she will assist the Executive Officer with range maintenance.

ASSISTANT RANGE OFFICER – The Assistant Range Officer, or his/her delegate(s), will assist the Range Officer in carrying out his/her duties and will perform the duties of the Range Officer in his/her absence or at his/her request.

PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER – The Public Relations Officer, or his/her delegate(s), will be responsible for communicating with the press, promoting SAGC sponsored events, coordinating and performing those tasks that will aid in improving the public image of SAGC.

SPECIAL ASSISTANT – The Special Assistant is an appointed position by the President and approved by the Executive Committee. The Special Assistant will answer directly to the Executive Committee in performance of tasks assigned.

All Officers are to be held responsible to SAGC membership. Anyone not responding to the majority of member questions, not performing their duties, or not attending a majority of regular meetings will be deemed unfit to serve and be brought forth for expulsion from their office.

Officers will not receive any salaries or other compensation for their services except Officers will receive regular memberships while they are in office. Officers may be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred in the performance of their duties for the club.

The President and/or Executive Committee may appoint standing and ad hoc committees as needed.



Annual Meetings: The annual meeting of SAGC will be held in August. If the Annual Meeting does not take place as scheduled, it will be held within a reasonable time thereafter.

Regular and Special Meetings: Regular Meetings will be held once each month except December. Special Meetings may be called by the President or two Directors and another Officer (total three Officers).

Quorum: At least two Directors and two other Officers and/or Directors (total minimum of four) must be present to constitute a quorum to conduct business in Regular or Special meetings.

Meeting Rules: Meetings are not required to follow Roberts’ “Rules of Order”.

Voting: The Executive Committee has the discretion to decide when and if matters will be submitted to the members for a vote, except that the following decisions will always be submitted to the membership for a vote as required by the State: dissolution of the club, merger or consolidation with another organization, sale of substantially all the club’s assets, and most amendments to the corporation’s certificate of formation. A two-thirds majority of the members in attendance will be required to approve the State designated changes.

Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (one more than half the members present) except for bylaws changes. All voting will be conducted in person. No proxies are allowed. Voting is to be by voice, show of hands, or secret ballot.

Open Meetings: Meetings will be open to the general membership, except when personnel, real estate, or litigation matters are being discussed.

Executive Committee Meetings: will be held at such time and place as the Committee determines. Three (3) members of the Executive Committee will constitute a quorum.

Meetings by Remote Communications Technology: A meeting of the Executive Committee or any SAGC designated committee may be held by means of a remote electronic communications system if each expected participant agrees to the meeting being held by that means.



Any proposed amendments to these Bylaws may be introduced by any member of SAGC at a Regular or Special Meeting. The amendments will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled meeting and voted on at the second consecutive meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present will be necessary to pass the amendment. Email notice before the second meeting will be given to members who have an email address on the current membership list.



In case of Club dissolution, all outstanding debts will be retired before the money is disbursed among current members in good standing.


I hereby certify that these bylaws were adopted by the San Angelo Gun Club, Inc. at its meeting held on July 26, 2022.

Erica C. Barnes